BeagleBone Essentials

Harness the power of the BeagleBone Black to manage external environments using C, Bash, and Python/PHP programming

Rodolfo Giometti – 240 pages

About This Book

  • Learn the fundamentals of Beaglebone Black via a detailed tutorial that provides practical examples, from initial board setup to device driver management
  • Access external peripherals to monitor and control an electronic device
  • Monitor and control several electronic devices with one of the best embedded computers

Who This Book Is For

If you are a developer with some hardware or electrical engineering experience who wants to learn how to use embedded machine-learning capabilities and get access to a GNU/Linux device driver to collect data from a peripheral or to control a device, this is the book for you.

In Detail

The BeagleBone Black is an embedded system that is able to run complete GNU/Linux distributions such as Debian or Ubuntu. Having powerful distribution capabilities, and packed with an easily expandable embedded board, the BeagleBone Black is a device that will allow users to build powerful and versatile monitoring and controlling systems.

You start off by learning how to set up the board from scratch; you will be introduced to the concepts of compilation and cross-compilation of user-space and kernel-space applications with some basic debugging techniques. Next, you will move on to high-level programming by using scripting languages; you’ll then learn how to get access to different kinds of peripherals such as serial ports, USB devices, I2C/SPI, and 1-Wire. Finally, you will discover how to use or develop system daemons in several programming languages, collect peripheral data, and control a device. Accessing all peripherals and writing good monitoring and controlling programs can be a complex task; it’s all too easy to make mistakes early in development that lead to serious problems in production. This guide is an invaluable tutorial if you are planning to use a BeagleBone Black to control or monitor projects.

Available on: Packt Publishing, Amazon, O’Reilly Media


Su Rodolfo Giometti

Ingegnere informatico libero professionista ed esperto GNU/Linux offre supporto per: - device drivers; - sistemi embedded; - sviluppo applicazioni industriali per controllo automatico e monitoraggio remoto; - corsi di formazione dedicati. Manutentore del progetto LinuxPPS (il sottosistema Pulse Per Second di Linux) contribuisce attivamente allo sviluppo del kernel Linux con diverse patch riguardanti varie applicazioni del kernel e dispositivi (switch, fisici di rete, RTC, USB, I2C, network, ecc.). Nei 15+ anni di esperienza su Linux ha lavorato con le piattaforme x86, ARM, MIPS & PowerPC.

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